The Endless List of Benefits of Safe and Affordable CBD Oil

cbd for natural alternative treatmentsCBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is the component of the cannabis plant which has a long list of highly sought out health benefits without any of the “high” that comes from the other part of cannabis, THC.

It is fast becoming one of the largest alternative remedies for a list of illnesses and ailments, even now being approved by the FDA for use in drugs. One of the biggest reasons why CBD is gaining traction is that in many states it has offset the excessive growth in the use of dangerous prescription opiates, which has reached epidemic levels in just the last 10 years in the US.

Indeed, with the rise of the legal cannabis industry in now over half of all US states for medicinal or recreational use, the “anxiety economy” where people are trying to make themselves feel better and deal more effectively with stress, and the already $50 billion dollar herbal supplement market, CBD oil is just getting started helping and changing lives all over America, and maybe soon, even the world.

Benefits of CBD Oil

*reduces inflammation (inflammation is one of the largest causes of chronic illness)
*pain management
*reduces anxiety and depression, improves mood and helps increase focus
*fights chronic disease, even causing apoptosis in cancer cells (death of cancerous cells)
*more rapid healing
*increased bone mass and density
cbd for rheumatoid arthritis*may lower diabetes risk
*prevents arthritis
*balances the metabolism
*helps with sleep disorders
*helps patients with multiple sclerosis
*may lower blood pressure
*can kill harmful bacteria
cbd for epilepsy and seizures*has neuro-protective properties
*can stop and/or reduce seizures
*increases energy and stamina
*fights high blood pressure
*helps with nausea and vomiting
*can help people quit smoking cigarettes and curb alcoholism
*anti-psychotic effects
*fights acne
*good for pets, especially cats and dogs who have seizures, anxiety, and chronic pain

One of the greatest benefits of CBD oil is that it has opened up a new world for many people otherwise taking drugs like Ambien for sleep, Xanax for anxiety, Vicodin for pain, Wellbutrin for depression or quitting smoking, steroids for arthritis, and so many more. cbd oil is a cheap and affordable treatment for many ailments

When you also consider that a month’s supply of CBD oil could be under $100, it’s also remarkable to realize the savings people are achieving by using a safer, more natural treatment in their lives.

As someone who has been personally prescribed a lot of those medications throughout life, I can honestly say that cannabis has been a superior and a much safer option for me personally.

The best part? I can go days, weeks, and months on end without using CBD, and I feel absolutely no addiction. Compare that to how it feels to stop taking Xanax or Percocet.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD has few, if any side effects for most people, but here are the most common:

*changes in appetite

These side effects are extremely rare, and I have never experienced these other than light fatigue/relaxation.

Where Do You Start with CBD?

One of the best ways to try CBD and to see if it’s for you is to simply get a dropper bottle of CBD oil and begin with a few drops in the morning. Many people notice effects after 2 – 3 days, if not immediately.

risk-free american hemp oil provides major cbd benefitsSince there are so few side effects, there’s really nothing major to worry about, but you’ll be able to safely monitor how your body responds.

Our favorite brand is American Hemp Oil, which has a great core selection of products without making the buying process overly complicated like some sites.

19 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil For Pain, Anxiety & Cancer Plus Side Effects

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Published by Thomas Clark

Retired welder, motorcycle fixer-upper, cigar aficianado, CBD user, Vietnam vet and proud grandfather of a US Navy submariner