Hanging Lights Around the House and Backyard Patio this Weekend

hanging up LED lights in the backyard this weekend
This weekend Linda finally pestered me enough to put out the lights for Spring and Summer. Ever since she read this article on Country Living and found these commercial grade waterproof LED patio decorating lights on Amazon she’s had a whole new regimen planned for the backyard. Her niece Sophie was over here the other day pumping her head full of ideas, as is usually the case.

So once the actual hanging route of the lights was approved by Linda and double-stamped with the go-ahead, I took to the task to get it done before one of these seasonal storms hits again. It’s pretty much done snowing here for now, just some occasional scattered showers, but I don’t want to be out when it’s damp because of my rheumatoid arthritis acting up.

Hanging Lights: the Plan We Agreed On

There’s about a million ways to hang lights in your backyard, so going for the path of least resistance while using the natural surroundings and structures made sense. Next was the specific ambiance Lin and I wanted to go for. We (she) decided on cafe style lighting.

This YouTube video from Mike Quinn was really helpful in helping me hang lights in a near-professional grade way.

So, I got my drill bits out, all my materials, the lag sleeves for the hooks, carabiners, extension cord, LED lights and wire to mount with and got to it. It only took a few hours. Of course Linda was there to supervise, she actually proved to be useful when I needed some ice tea during the endeavor.

Finally here’s what we came up with:

cafe style patio lights in my backyard

Cafe Style Lighting in the Backyard Patio

As you can see it wasn’t too much work and also there weren’t lots of lines of strings. I could have added more but off one extension cord this made the most sense to play it safe. This is going to be a great space for board games this summer with family at night, mosquitoes be damned.

Of course when Sophie came back over later this weekend for movie night she went outside but pretended not to be impressed. I could tell she liked it but she was just being a snob. It runs in the family so I have grown used to it throughout the years. I think they must have roots in Dallas somewhere down the line because they seem to think the world of themselves every time I get around her side of the family.

Sophie sits down and pulls out some goofy little gadget, it’s pretty cool actually with a bunch of cartoons and computer graphics from the old school on it and starts blaring out music from it too. Some crazy kind of bluetooth LED speaker all the kids are in love with nowadays. She called it a Divoom Ditto or a Ditoo speaker which she said she got online too but from a website called Charmingwares.

I thought she said Tupperware at first but then my ears don’t work too good any more, plus she was quick to correct me, you better believe that.

She then went to the website and showed me what it was all about, but that was a terrible idea because she found something else for me to work on next weekend apparently- solar powered color changing LED hummingbird lights.

LED hummingbird lights solar powered for patio and decoration

Linda’s ears perked up because she fancies herself a bird watcher. I think she just likes going outside with binoculars but not actually hiking to tell the truth.

Patio Lights Only? The Backyard Wasn’t the Only Thing that Was Lit

Of course Linda had to have 2 or 3 glasses of her favorite boxed wine and start sipping the white Zinfandel to get in the proper form for some gossiping with Sophie, but it kept them out of my hair for a while and I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet afterwards.

I had a glass too along with one of my favorite pastimes, the good old CBD. Helps take the edge off and makes me feel flexible, like the joints are lubricated a little better and not as inflamed. Also, lights seem brighter 😉

Ever since football season is over we got about 3 months of good weather until it gets just too hot for much outdoors in the yard, but we’ll enjoy what we can for the time being.

Well, that’s my DIY lighting project, I hope you enjoyed it as much as our clan did. Take care

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