How We Got Rid of Bed Bugs with an Unknown Natural Solution

picture of bed bugs on human skin

Anyone can get bed bugs. We came home with them after a weekend getaway staying in a hotel near the coast.

We were lucky though, we figured out how to get rid of them. And that’s the info we’re sharing today.

How You Get Bed Bugs

bed bugs on furnitureIn what turns out to be quite common, we found bed bugs in our luggage after we took a leisurely trip in southern Florida last year.

We almost didn’t notice the little round, brown bugs with no wings until Linda came down with a skin rash and a bunch of red splotches.

The pattern of the rash indicated bed bug bites, and sure enough we found them in our bed and a few in the suitcase.

Signs of a Bedbugs Infestation

bed bug eggsMany people will notice itchy bites, but may discover red and black stains on their mattress or box spring, the molten shells of bed bugs that have already enjoyed a few blood meals off their human hosts, shedding an outer layer of their exoskeleton to reach maximum size.

They like to hide in the bed and bed frame for the most part, and are known to be nocturnal, preferring the nightlife.

Sometimes, they give off a smell unique to their scent glands, which resembles almonds a little bit.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

natural bed bug killer powderFirst, you need to isolate the infestation. This means breaking down the bed frame to component parts for inspection, looking at the seams along the mattress and the edges which might bedbugs lurking about.

Sometimes they may take up residence in nearby furniture or even the cracks and creases in the wall or floor.

Next, wash and dry all your clothes on high heat. Make sure to check your floors, carpets and drapes or curtains too.

Once you’ve vacuumed everything well and performed a search, this is where it’s going to pay off big putting down an active natural bed bug killer to both remove bed bugs now and/or prevent future outbreaks of the nasty cimex lectularis parasites.

Defensive End! offers a US-made bed bug solution approved by the EPA as a part of an effective integrated pest management plan.

The best part is it stays good forever as long as kept dry!

How One of the Best Bed Bug Killers Remains Hidden from the Public

While the CDC has stated that bed bugs pose no serious mortal threat to people who are bitten, the real annoyance and anxiety they cause at night when you’re trying to sleep is enough to keep anyone up worrying, itching into the wee hours of the morning.

Governments are simply not doing enough to keep up with bed bugs, as they prefer a moderate temp between 70 and 80 degrees to live in and can reproduce up to 3x in 1 year, leaving 100s of bed bug eggs behind each time.

Your best bet is to always check your hotel room for bed bugs before settling in, and do what you can at home to prevent bed bug treatment from even being necessary.

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