How I Finally Got the Upper Hand on Arthritis and Fatigue with CBD

tending the garden
arthritis- when gardening becomes a pain

I remember the day I’d finally had enough.

On what would have been an otherwise bright and sunny Tuesday morning in June, I woke up at 5am and got the paper, made coffee, and turned on the boob tube to catch the latest news- the usual routine.

And perhaps just as usual, by about 9 am I was already tired and fatigued, experiencing the growing difficulty I’d been having recently with my tasks in the garden as my hands started tingling, my hips were acting contrary and my knees were getting sore from just a few minutes of steady activity.

Linda, my wife, must have been happy though, because that day, unlike the others, I decided to take unusual steps in looking for something- anything- that was going to help me more than the dang Celebrex the doctor had been prescribing me, which always had me worried due to the side effects and indigestion issues anyway, and barely did the job to begin with of stopping my osteoarthritis.

I came in from outside and got on the computer in the kitchen, where I began looking up natural treatments for arthritis and pain management while Linda was making her famous raspberry Jell-O salad.

Linda's raspberry jell-o salad
oh so berry good

In the middle of working her culinary magic she says, “I saw on facebook the other day one of my old friends was going to start eating fruit pectin to try to deal with her arthritis. Maybe you should try that.”

Out of curiosity, I did a search on that and it turned out to be true: a lot of people dabble with fruit pectin (an alternative to gelatin if you want to make your own Jell-O) to alleviate arthritis, and apparently it works, but the downside is that Certo, the brand name of fruit pectin, also contains sodium benzoate, a food preservative which we usually try to avoid.

Still, because fruit pectin is derived from actual, real fruit, by simply eating more fruits and vegetables, one could reasonably get more fruit pectin that way too, and we could all stand to eat more fresh produce.

Suddenly, among all the talk of Jell-O and other fruity topics…

I Stumbled Upon Something Called CBD

Hemp oil?! I thought. Isn’t that some hippy dippy stuff that my generation outgrew after Woodstock? Turns out to my surprise, baby boomers are one of the largest demographics consuming legal cannabis for medical reasons, and many actually use legal CBD (which doesn’t get you high) on a regular basis.

Could this be the miracle cure for my stiff joints? Sounded too good to be true already. So I continued on with a healthy dose of skepticism.

After I learned that the stuff doesn’t make you “high”, I was intrigued to learn more. Don’t get me wrong, I was young once, and in my heyday I had a few marijuana cigarettes at rock concerts like the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, but I’m in my 60’s now and I really don’t want to revisit the days when I woke up wondering how in the heck I got there. Or running through a university dorm wearing only my underwear- over my head of course.

The Added Benefits of CBD for Both Me and Linda

First off, the benefits of CBD are too many to name, as it helps people with arthritis, seizures and epilepsy, chronic pain, high blood pressure, heart health, addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, and so much more.

But for Linda and I, I felt like we got an extra unanticipated benefit as well.

As you age, you get a little grumpy. It happens to us all. This is because our bodies produce less of those natural feel-good chemicals, we see some of our friends and family members pass away, and life is not without stress- even when you’re retired.

Jules the basset hound at the lake
ready to walk? yes, please

So to naturally beat the blues and avoid states of depression, Linda and I had made a pact to get more exercise, especially after our doctor told us about how physical exercise helps stave off depression and other down-in-the-dumps type mood tendencies. And yet once again getting outdoors and going on hikes with our basset hound Jules has been a challenge since the aches and pains have added up, especially in our approaching golden years.

I can honestly say that after using this CBD oil we have been consistently hitting the trails around the lake 5 or 6 times a month, but these days we don’t wake up the next morning stiff as a board and unable to move, or have increased trouble getting out of bed.

Even Linda has been taking some of the CBD since it’s basically harmless and non-addictive. No complaints from her, which is always nice for me!

Other Unforeseen Perks of CBD and Hemp Oil

After about a month of this stuff, I noticed I had more energy and just a more positive outlook in general. Anyone with arthritis knows how just dealing with all the nagging aches and pains, the joint stiffness and decreased mobility, takes its toll by sapping you of your energy.

cannabidiol cbd
cannabidiol (cbd) molecular structure

With the added benefits that CBD brings against treating depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, it was nice getting an extra bonus and more bang for my buck.

In addition to this, CBD has no side effects, so I am able to decrease my dependence on Celebrex and sidestep the dangers on my heart and circulatory system as well as my gut, since I do occasionally enjoy a barbecue cookout on a hot summer day and the sometimes generous portion of brisket, potato salad and sweet tea.

To top it all off, I’m getting better sleep at night without constantly waking up all the time for no reason.

Where We Got Started with CBD

american hemp cbd oil capsules
cbd capsules

We started off by trying several different types of CBD: capsules, eye droppers, and topical cream from American Hemp Oil.

Every product comes in a variable strength doseage and naturally I got the strongest ones because I’m a man and have a man-sized pain to deal with. Also, I didn’t want to be taking 3 or 4 capsules throughout the day or constantly carrying around a bottle with an eye-dropper of this stuff and have people asking me mistakenly what the heck I’m doing eating Visine.

american hemp cbd oil droppers
cbd droppers

I happen to like the droppers best myself because it’s fast-acting, but the capsules are really convenient for when I’m on-the-go or traveling. It’s funny because the taste of the droppers is actually good since it’s in a coconut oil base.

american hemp cbd oil cream
cbd cream

But the cream is really something outstanding. It’s mixed with peppermint oil, and the wife and I love to apply it after a long hike out in nature or a full day of yard work, and of course it comes in handy after an afternoon of playing with the grandkids.

Finally, the best part is you can order online here and not have to go to one of those dispensaries in town and deal with all the rude know-it-all millennials who look at you like you’re something out of a black and white movie from yesteryear, or rub elbows with the shifty-looking customers who are just there to buy God knows what to smoke in their bongs.

So, is My Arthritis 100% Gone After CBD?

Not hardly. I am what I am and it is what it is. However, my life has improved drastically.

I don’t feel like inflammation and old rickety joints are holding me back the way they used to. I don’t feel sick from the side effects of all the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and meds. It doesn’t take me nearly as long to get going in the morning any more, and I find myself needing to take fewer breaks when I’m out working in the yard or walking around the mall.

parking at the lake
lakeside on a nearly cloud-free day

Getting in and out of the car has also become easier, and I just have more energy. I feel like it’s subtracted 5 or 10 years off of my real age. That’s right, I can say with sincerity I feel like I’m 57 again, haha.

The best part is just feeling like I’m in control of my health a little more, and knowing that I’m not beholden to the doctor and the insurance company as well as the latest and greatest pills to be rush-approved by the FDA, all of which have tons of adverse side effects. Did you know that by simply taking pills for a long period of time, you are turning your body’s pH acidic, which happens normally as you age anyway, but it’s not desirable and can lead to acidosis?

Finally, don’t just take my word for it. Head on over to American Hemp Oil and read all the other reviews for yourself to see how much people love it and all the many health issues they use it for.

I guarantee you will be tempted to give it a shot just like I did after you see so many people oohing and aahing over this great little product with all the 5-star reviews.

In any case, good luck to you and yours- no one should have to live with pain or discomfort, especially during the later years and retirement.

usa cbd review

Drop me and Linda a line on here sometime so we can read your comments and let us know how it all worked out for you.

Until next time…

Happy trails,

Tom and Linda Clark

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