Coronavirus Crisis Demonstrates Why You Can’t Rely on Government During a Crisis

social distancing during protests in US

Right now in America, law and order are being destroyed with violent, angry mobs and complicit academics, media heads, companies, and governments urging them on.

We didn’t even officially end the Covid 19 “pandemic”, and all of a sudden Michigan governor Whitmer was marching side by side with protesters, when just a few weeks before she had condemned middle America for showing up to the state Capitol to demonstrate disapproval of the lockdown decrees keeping businesses closed and people out of work.



In fact, even healthcare officials now support mass gatherings because “racism is worse than the virus”.

Clearly there is no real thing as law and order any more. It’s a total crapshoot but the court system is mainly there to drain you of your funds anyway. When the legal system exists to enslave the people who are more or less good and trying to be productive, then you are a 3rd world country.

So why would we rely on 3rd world governments to give us medical advice?

Government Exaggerated Covid 19 Threat to Public

All you hear on the news now is about social justice topics, race-based world views, and how the civilized world needs to rethink even having a police force. It’s a typical left wing communist viewpoint that ignores that a market demand for police drove the creation of the police, since the guys walking around with clubs to keep village vandals at bay eventually did have to return to their “Ye Olde…” shops and do their blacksmith work, shoe repair, and wheat grinding.

So when the left wing world government tells us to wear a mask, maintain a 2 meter distance, and don’t be outside your house if it’s “not essential”- then it’s safe to say the way they are interpreting the data on the mortality rate and true danger of Covid 19 incorrectly, to put it nicely!

Key Points About Coronavirus Deaths that the Media Missed

I recently read that the number one complication or co-factor in coronavirus deaths was severe pneumonia. This was also found on the majority of patients that died while on ventilators. Whether or not the ventilator was the cause of the pneumonia is unknown but deserves some consideration, while it has been confirmed that people who use a breathing apparatus like a ventilator or a CPAP for sleep apnea are at greater risk of pneumonia.

A Los Angeles doctor said he is seeing significant success in prescribing the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19. He even said that he only gave it to people who were seriously ill, and they all recovered.

Of course facts like that caused a media backlash and Google has quickly dropped that result to the bottom of the search results, and strangely the link doesn’t even show up as a YouTube video (which normally happens in Google search).

What About Countries that Didn’t Lock Down?


Meanwhile, in Belarus…

They didn’t close down bars, cafes, schools, gyms, sporting events, or anything. And there wasn’t a massive death toll either. So it makes you wonder, are Belarusians just genetically superior to the rest of us and don’t need to lockdown, or was the initial scare just that- a scare?

I tend to think this entire situation has been hyped up to disguise the natural failure of the current economic and monetary system which has been systematically failing for the last couple of years, giving off all sorts of recession signals according to historical measures.

50% of small business owners plan to close down permanently after recent events.

They said “official” unemployment was at an all-time record low, but what many don’t realize is that in a boom bust cycle monetary system like the one we have with the Federal Reserve, extremely low unemployment always precedes a rapid rise in unemployment. The credit system is failing and the US has racked up 25 trillion in debt, with 100s of trillions more in unpaid obligations floating around by debtors at large.

Global debt currently rests at around 257 Trillion dollars, but that’s just the official report.

Conclusion on Covid 19 and Health

I truly believe everything that has transpired recently is all part of a plan to shut everything down to consolidate the economy and power into the hands of fewer people, to eliminate the middle class and to turn everyone into a global debt slave who now is going to have to get a shot in the arm that clears them to get employment or access to government benefits.

And now with riots breaking out that once again destroy small businesses and order in civilized society, it seems we have moved into phase 2.

If the 2 were not related, it seems they’d be pretty concerned about all the lack of social distancing and Covid 19 protection measures with the large crowds in streets gathering.

But since it’s all part of the plan, they’ll take the result anyway since that progresses their agenda.

Published by Thomas Clark

Retired welder, motorcycle fixer-upper, cigar aficianado, CBD user, Vietnam vet and proud grandfather of a US Navy submariner