Bed Bug Vacation Surprise

bed bugsLinda and I decided to take a weekend trip across the state to St. Petersburg to visit relatives on her side of the family, and I was looking forward to hitting a few balls at the golf course and downing some cold ones.

We decided to use and book a room at a mid-range hotel to stay within our monthly retirement budget, and also wanted to redeem one of our free travel nights before the site instates its $5/free night redemption policy which is set to take place soon.

We arrived around dusk Friday evening and settled in and everything seemed to be ok. We threw our luggage down on one of the 2 twin beds in our room (they were all out of queen and king sized beds) and started looking up a good local Mexican restaurant to get some enchiladas on Google. We found something that didn’t have terrible reviews and decided to go out and give it a try.

Dinner was great and after a few margaritas and some greasy eats we caught an Uber back to the room and I cracked the cooler open and handed the wife a Budweiser and grabbed one myself. We sat down on the sofa in the room and turned on the news. That’s when it happened.

bed bug bites photoI started to itch and thought nothing of it, really. Florida’s state bird is the mosquito and I barely notice getting bit any more. But then Linda started to itch too and we pulled up her shirt to see where she had got bit by something and it looked kind of strange- definitely not mosquito bites.

Then we saw something small and brown crawling around the arm rest. We got up and looked closer in the cracks in the couch and we found- yep, you guessed it- BED BUGS!

Bed Bugs in the Sofa?!


Ok so it wasn’t that bad but finding any bed bugs in the sofa looks a little like that, though that’s an extreme case. The point is they are hard to find unless you are prying open the couch cushions and the sofa frame.

Fortunately we didn’t get bit too bad so the weekend wasn’t a total loss. We asked to be moved to a new room and carried on with the plans to play some golf and for Linda to see her family. Needless to say though, we were still creeped out by the experience and didn’t have the easiest time falling asleep either after that.

Bed Bugs Hitch Hiked Home Too?

Another thing we didn’t expect was that we would bring some of the little nasty bloodsuckers home with us. Apparently some of them are so small when they are babies that they are practically see-through. So we ended up taking home some unexpected souvenirs.

A few weeks later we were having a similar issue with itching and getting bit at night in our bedroom. I thought it might be the darned bedbugs again so I started looking around the room and on a hunch pulled back the mattress and inspected the box spring. I found some brown, black and red splotches and a few insect shells in the bed and started searching the internet again.

I found a website which had some good info and solutions that explains why bed bugs are so bad this year.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

I guess I wasn’t really surprised that I got bed bugs, I’ve heard they are becoming more and more prevalent. What did kind of shock me was that they are found in some of the most random places.

For instance, the Arizona Department of Economic Security is infested with them right now and it’s so bad that people who work there are anonymously tipping off the local press in Phoenix reporting that they are not only at nightmarish levels, but nothing’s being done about them.

Bye Bye Bedbugs

Eventually we got the situation under control ourselves, but it was not without a lot of unnecessary stress and having to spend time looking up remedies. We avoided an exterminator because Linda and I both hate chemical pesticides.

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with them, but if you do, just know there’s a way to deal with them that isn’t too expensive and doesn’t involve dangerous pesticides.

Published by Thomas Clark

Retired welder, motorcycle fixer-upper, cigar aficianado, CBD user, Vietnam vet and proud grandfather of a US Navy submariner