Hanging Lights Around the House and Backyard Patio this Weekend

hanging up LED lights in the backyard this weekend
This weekend Linda finally pestered me enough to put out the lights for Spring and Summer. Ever since she read this article on Country Living and found these commercial grade waterproof LED patio decorating lights on Amazon she’s had a whole new regimen planned for the backyard. Her niece Sophie was over here the other day pumping her head full of ideas, as is usually the case.

So once the actual hanging route of the lights was approved by Linda and double-stamped with the go-ahead, I took to the task to get it done before one of these seasonal storms hits again. It’s pretty much done snowing here for now, just some occasional scattered showers, but I don’t want to be out when it’s damp because of my rheumatoid arthritis acting up.

Hanging Lights: the Plan We Agreed On

There’s about a million ways to hang lights in your backyard, so going for the path of least resistance while using the natural surroundings and structures made sense. Next was the specific ambiance Lin and I wanted to go for. We (she) decided on cafe style lighting.

This YouTube video from Mike Quinn was really helpful in helping me hang lights in a near-professional grade way.

So, I got my drill bits out, all my materials, the lag sleeves for the hooks, carabiners, extension cord, LED lights and wire to mount with and got to it. It only took a few hours. Of course Linda was there to supervise, she actually proved to be useful when I needed some ice tea during the endeavor.

Finally here’s what we came up with:

cafe style patio lights in my backyard

Cafe Style Lighting in the Backyard Patio

As you can see it wasn’t too much work and also there weren’t lots of lines of strings. I could have added more but off one extension cord this made the most sense to play it safe. This is going to be a great space for board games this summer with family at night, mosquitoes be damned.

Of course when Sophie came back over later this weekend for movie night she went outside but pretended not to be impressed. I could tell she liked it but she was just being a snob. It runs in the family so I have grown used to it throughout the years. I think they must have roots in Dallas somewhere down the line because they seem to think the world of themselves every time I get around her side of the family.

Sophie sits down and pulls out some goofy little gadget, it’s pretty cool actually with a bunch of cartoons and computer graphics from the old school on it and starts blaring out music from it too. Some crazy kind of bluetooth LED speaker all the kids are in love with nowadays. She called it a Divoom Ditto or a Ditoo speaker which she said she got online too but from a website called Charmingwares.

I thought she said Tupperware at first but then my ears don’t work too good any more, plus she was quick to correct me, you better believe that.

She then went to the website and showed me what it was all about, but that was a terrible idea because she found something else for me to work on next weekend apparently- solar powered color changing LED hummingbird lights.

LED hummingbird lights solar powered for patio and decoration

Linda’s ears perked up because she fancies herself a bird watcher. I think she just likes going outside with binoculars but not actually hiking to tell the truth.

Patio Lights Only? The Backyard Wasn’t the Only Thing that Was Lit

Of course Linda had to have 2 or 3 glasses of her favorite boxed wine and start sipping the white Zinfandel to get in the proper form for some gossiping with Sophie, but it kept them out of my hair for a while and I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet afterwards.

I had a glass too along with one of my favorite pastimes, the good old CBD. Helps take the edge off and makes me feel flexible, like the joints are lubricated a little better and not as inflamed. Also, lights seem brighter đŸ˜‰

Ever since football season is over we got about 3 months of good weather until it gets just too hot for much outdoors in the yard, but we’ll enjoy what we can for the time being.

Well, that’s my DIY lighting project, I hope you enjoyed it as much as our clan did. Take care

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic” (Ch. 6)

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide "Pandemic"
Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic”

After eggs and toast with coffee in Bakarica, I walked along the coastline right near the water to Kraljevica. It was an overcast, gloomy morning and a lot of my clothes were wet but bagged up in a trash bag in my rucksack. I’d have to deal with that later in the day.

I arrived to the edge of town and walked along a path above the dock to the marina. “No swimming”, read the sign on the dock. “Ok, I’ll have to remember that… no swimming, no fun, no nothing. Got it”.

I walked through a park onto a street lined with residential buildings, then down a road towards the center of town. It was a small town so I’d have to make sure I didn’t make a wrong turn and miss it somehow, plus my phone map was a little unreliable at times because I didn’t have a phone number or a SIM card, but the map still kinda worked, don’t ask me how though.

I arrived at the town center momentarily where there was a row of cafes on the opposite side of a street with a bakery, and a small market located down the way near a building with a sign on it that said “hostel”. “Ok, I’ll have to remember that hostel too, just in case.”

My plan was to see how long and how many consecutive nights I could go without renting a room, but since I’d never done anything like this before, I had no idea how long I would last before my nerves would break down and I’d come crawling back to “civilization”.

I walked along the sidewalk and paused to look at my phone map to decide which cafe I’d visit in order to charge my computer, access the WiFi and then eat the items I’d buy at the bakery. An old man with a white beard and glasses walked by me, staring at me, but he stopped and asked grumpily “Do you need help?”. I replied “No, do you need help?” He just shook his head, in a manner somehow even more grumpy than before and kept walking.

I went into a cafe and set up my computer, charged my cell phone, and perhaps most important, made a long overdue, much needed deposit in the restroom. While I had taken a crap in the woods a day or two prior, I’m not the biggest fan of answering nature’s call when I’m actually in nature. There’s just too many complex mechanics involved- the squatting, the clearing of the landing zone and your shoes, and of course, the wiping. Unless you have been holding it for over a day and it’s guaranteed to pop out dry and hard, you’re looking at a wipe that never ends, and it’s less fun when you’re out hiking miles in the heat, sweating all the while afterwards.

After spending a few hours in the cafe, I checked my map and decided I’d walk 2 or 3 miles over to the west side of the peninsula, to where the beach was and you could swim. After all, I’d need a bath later and the map appeared to show a long stretch of solely wooded area along the way, which I figured, wrongly, would make a great spot to pitch my tent and start drying out my wet clothes.

I set out again and walked up a hill, then through a few residential nooks with apartments and houses and came out to a clearing along a long road. I would have preferred just making a straight line from the town to the beach, but there was an industrial yard there which prohibited such direct travel. The map on my phone had stopped working for one reason or another, so I couldn’t even get an accurate idea of where I was, but I assumed that since the town was so small and I’d looked the map over extensively before leaving the cafe, I must have been going the right way.

After walking along this road for a while and being passed by only a few cars, I ducked into the woods and went back about 30 yards from the road. I thought for sure it would be a great spot to set up my tent early, smoke a spliff and hang dry some of my clothes. I had everything set up and laid out when I heard dogs barking in the near distance. “Great”, I thought. What were the odds that in the middle of nowhere, I’d set up a tent in the woods and there’d be a house somewhere nearby with dogs who, I suspected, could tell someone, or something, was out there- me.

I smoked my spliff and laid in my tent. Not a whole lot of sun was getting through the overhanging tree branches so my clothes weren’t exactly getting as dry as I’d have liked, and the dogs kept barking. This time I heard human voices yelling, sounding a little pissed off. I couldn’t tell who they were yelling at, but this sequence repeated itself 4 or 5 times over the next hour or two, and I realized I had a decision to make.

It would be dark soon, so did I want to risk being the reason why these dogs would not stop barking and people kept yelling, seeming to be more angry with every episode as the night went on? I made an executive decision and surmised I’d be in for a very awkward and uncomfortable night full of anxiety and drama, so I packed up everything and deconstructed my tent, then headed off back into town to check out that hostel I’d seen earlier. It’s not an easy decision to cancel your camping plans especially after you have set everything up and are already laying down, trying to relax and get ready for bed, but when in doubt, just go man.

I got back into town and it was already getting dark. I walked to the hostel building and went inside. It was a small building with a tourist agency office on the ground floor. The hostel itself was on the 2nd floor but there was no reception or desk with employees. Instead, there was a sign on the front door of the building with a phone number to call. Not having a working phone number myself to make a call, I just set my bags down inside the door on the ground floor and sat down inside, out of view from the outside world. I was hoping to catch someone staying in the hostel who I could then ask if they knew the owner to see if they’d relay a message for me.

That someone never came, and after an hour and a half I was dozing off, still seated inside. By now it was around 10:30 pm and I figured it was a lost cause. I walked up to the second floor again to see if I could hear or see any signs of life, but it didn’t appear anyone was there. An automatic sensor light came on and I noticed there was a camera overhead one of the doors.

Walking back down the stairs, I noticed a nook halfway up the staircase, waist-high, which curved around a corner. It almost looked like a small attic. In the space on the right side was a full-length cardboard cutout for the tourist agency.

I had an idea. I went and got all my stuff. Seeing that the camera didn’t actually cover the area where the nook was located, I piled my belongings into the area, then hid them behind the cardboard cutout for the tourist agency, then I crept around the corner and laid on my side. It was hot and there was no ventilation, but I figured it was better than sitting on the ground floor all night. I positioned my body as closely as I could up against the wall which angled back and away from the opening to the nook itself. Just walking by and not peering around the corner, I would not be visible to anyone.

I fell asleep quickly on my side and awoke about an hour later to someone coming up the stairs. I didn’t know what to do, so I just laid there as quietly as possible and tried not to move or make a sound. The sensor light came on, but whoever it was did not enter any of the doors on the second floor. It seemed they were there to check on what was going on and to see why the sensor light had come on, and maybe someone saw me through the camera.

Fortunately, the guy who came to check everything out did not see my luggage behind the cardboard cutout and he did not get up on the nook level and peep around the corner. It was a bit nerve-wracking but he eventually left and I went back to sleep, catching a solid 5 or 6 hours sleeping in that nook on the floor. I had lucked out and I didn’t have to pay for a room, and best of all, I didn’t get caught by the sentry.

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide "Pandemic"
Available in Paperback and Amazon Kindle

Coronavirus Crisis Demonstrates Why You Can’t Rely on Government During a Crisis

social distancing during protests in US

Right now in America, law and order are being destroyed with violent, angry mobs and complicit academics, media heads, companies, and governments urging them on.

We didn’t even officially end the Covid 19 “pandemic”, and all of a sudden Michigan governor Whitmer was marching side by side with protesters, when just a few weeks before she had condemned middle America for showing up to the state Capitol to demonstrate disapproval of the lockdown decrees keeping businesses closed and people out of work.



In fact, even healthcare officials now support mass gatherings because “racism is worse than the virus”.

Clearly there is no real thing as law and order any more. It’s a total crapshoot but the court system is mainly there to drain you of your funds anyway. When the legal system exists to enslave the people who are more or less good and trying to be productive, then you are a 3rd world country.

So why would we rely on 3rd world governments to give us medical advice?

Government Exaggerated Covid 19 Threat to Public

All you hear on the news now is about social justice topics, race-based world views, and how the civilized world needs to rethink even having a police force. It’s a typical left wing communist viewpoint that ignores that a market demand for police drove the creation of the police, since the guys walking around with clubs to keep village vandals at bay eventually did have to return to their “Ye Olde…” shops and do their blacksmith work, shoe repair, and wheat grinding.

So when the left wing world government tells us to wear a mask, maintain a 2 meter distance, and don’t be outside your house if it’s “not essential”- then it’s safe to say the way they are interpreting the data on the mortality rate and true danger of Covid 19 incorrectly, to put it nicely!

Key Points About Coronavirus Deaths that the Media Missed

I recently read that the number one complication or co-factor in coronavirus deaths was severe pneumonia. This was also found on the majority of patients that died while on ventilators. Whether or not the ventilator was the cause of the pneumonia is unknown but deserves some consideration, while it has been confirmed that people who use a breathing apparatus like a ventilator or a CPAP for sleep apnea are at greater risk of pneumonia.

A Los Angeles doctor said he is seeing significant success in prescribing the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19. He even said that he only gave it to people who were seriously ill, and they all recovered.

Of course facts like that caused a media backlash and Google has quickly dropped that result to the bottom of the search results, and strangely the link doesn’t even show up as a YouTube video (which normally happens in Google search).

What About Countries that Didn’t Lock Down?


Meanwhile, in Belarus…

They didn’t close down bars, cafes, schools, gyms, sporting events, or anything. And there wasn’t a massive death toll either. So it makes you wonder, are Belarusians just genetically superior to the rest of us and don’t need to lockdown, or was the initial scare just that- a scare?

I tend to think this entire situation has been hyped up to disguise the natural failure of the current economic and monetary system which has been systematically failing for the last couple of years, giving off all sorts of recession signals according to historical measures.

50% of small business owners plan to close down permanently after recent events.

They said “official” unemployment was at an all-time record low, but what many don’t realize is that in a boom bust cycle monetary system like the one we have with the Federal Reserve, extremely low unemployment always precedes a rapid rise in unemployment. The credit system is failing and the US has racked up 25 trillion in debt, with 100s of trillions more in unpaid obligations floating around by debtors at large.

Global debt currently rests at around 257 Trillion dollars, but that’s just the official report.

Conclusion on Covid 19 and Health

I truly believe everything that has transpired recently is all part of a plan to shut everything down to consolidate the economy and power into the hands of fewer people, to eliminate the middle class and to turn everyone into a global debt slave who now is going to have to get a shot in the arm that clears them to get employment or access to government benefits.

And now with riots breaking out that once again destroy small businesses and order in civilized society, it seems we have moved into phase 2.

If the 2 were not related, it seems they’d be pretty concerned about all the lack of social distancing and Covid 19 protection measures with the large crowds in streets gathering.

But since it’s all part of the plan, they’ll take the result anyway since that progresses their agenda.

How I Finally Got the Upper Hand on Arthritis and Fatigue with CBD

tending the garden
arthritis- when gardening becomes a pain

I remember the day I’d finally had enough.

On what would have been an otherwise bright and sunny Tuesday morning in June, I woke up at 5am and got the paper, made coffee, and turned on the boob tube to catch the latest news- the usual routine.

And perhaps just as usual, by about 9 am I was already tired and fatigued, experiencing the growing difficulty I’d been having recently with my tasks in the garden as my hands started tingling, my hips were acting contrary and my knees were getting sore from just a few minutes of steady activity.

Linda, my wife, must have been happy though, because that day, unlike the others, I decided to take unusual steps in looking for something- anything- that was going to help me more than the dang Celebrex the doctor had been prescribing me, which always had me worried due to the side effects and indigestion issues anyway, and barely did the job to begin with of stopping my osteoarthritis.

I came in from outside and got on the computer in the kitchen, where I began looking up natural treatments for arthritis and pain management while Linda was making her famous raspberry Jell-O salad.

Linda's raspberry jell-o salad
oh so berry good

In the middle of working her culinary magic she says, “I saw on facebook the other day one of my old friends was going to start eating fruit pectin to try to deal with her arthritis. Maybe you should try that.”

Out of curiosity, I did a search on that and it turned out to be true: a lot of people dabble with fruit pectin (an alternative to gelatin if you want to make your own Jell-O) to alleviate arthritis, and apparently it works, but the downside is that Certo, the brand name of fruit pectin, also contains sodium benzoate, a food preservative which we usually try to avoid.

Still, because fruit pectin is derived from actual, real fruit, by simply eating more fruits and vegetables, one could reasonably get more fruit pectin that way too, and we could all stand to eat more fresh produce.

Suddenly, among all the talk of Jell-O and other fruity topics…

I Stumbled Upon Something Called CBD

Hemp oil?! I thought. Isn’t that some hippy dippy stuff that my generation outgrew after Woodstock? Turns out to my surprise, baby boomers are one of the largest demographics consuming legal cannabis for medical reasons, and many actually use legal CBD (which doesn’t get you high) on a regular basis.

Could this be the miracle cure for my stiff joints? Sounded too good to be true already. So I continued on with a healthy dose of skepticism.

After I learned that the stuff doesn’t make you “high”, I was intrigued to learn more. Don’t get me wrong, I was young once, and in my heyday I had a few marijuana cigarettes at rock concerts like the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, but I’m in my 60’s now and I really don’t want to revisit the days when I woke up wondering how in the heck I got there. Or running through a university dorm wearing only my underwear- over my head of course.

The Added Benefits of CBD for Both Me and Linda

First off, the benefits of CBD are too many to name, as it helps people with arthritis, seizures and epilepsy, chronic pain, high blood pressure, heart health, addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, and so much more.

But for Linda and I, I felt like we got an extra unanticipated benefit as well.

As you age, you get a little grumpy. It happens to us all. This is because our bodies produce less of those natural feel-good chemicals, we see some of our friends and family members pass away, and life is not without stress- even when you’re retired.

Jules the basset hound at the lake
ready to walk? yes, please

So to naturally beat the blues and avoid states of depression, Linda and I had made a pact to get more exercise, especially after our doctor told us about how physical exercise helps stave off depression and other down-in-the-dumps type mood tendencies. And yet once again getting outdoors and going on hikes with our basset hound Jules has been a challenge since the aches and pains have added up, especially in our approaching golden years.

I can honestly say that after using this CBD oil we have been consistently hitting the trails around the lake 5 or 6 times a month, but these days we don’t wake up the next morning stiff as a board and unable to move, or have increased trouble getting out of bed.

Even Linda has been taking some of the CBD since it’s basically harmless and non-addictive. No complaints from her, which is always nice for me!

Other Unforeseen Perks of CBD and Hemp Oil

After about a month of this stuff, I noticed I had more energy and just a more positive outlook in general. Anyone with arthritis knows how just dealing with all the nagging aches and pains, the joint stiffness and decreased mobility, takes its toll by sapping you of your energy.

cannabidiol cbd
cannabidiol (cbd) molecular structure

With the added benefits that CBD brings against treating depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, it was nice getting an extra bonus and more bang for my buck.

In addition to this, CBD has no side effects, so I am able to decrease my dependence on Celebrex and sidestep the dangers on my heart and circulatory system as well as my gut, since I do occasionally enjoy a barbecue cookout on a hot summer day and the sometimes generous portion of brisket, potato salad and sweet tea.

To top it all off, I’m getting better sleep at night without constantly waking up all the time for no reason.

Where We Got Started with CBD

american hemp cbd oil capsules
cbd capsules

We started off by trying several different types of CBD: capsules, eye droppers, and topical cream from American Hemp Oil.

Every product comes in a variable strength doseage and naturally I got the strongest ones because I’m a man and have a man-sized pain to deal with. Also, I didn’t want to be taking 3 or 4 capsules throughout the day or constantly carrying around a bottle with an eye-dropper of this stuff and have people asking me mistakenly what the heck I’m doing eating Visine.

american hemp cbd oil droppers
cbd droppers

I happen to like the droppers best myself because it’s fast-acting, but the capsules are really convenient for when I’m on-the-go or traveling. It’s funny because the taste of the droppers is actually good since it’s in a coconut oil base.

american hemp cbd oil cream
cbd cream

But the cream is really something outstanding. It’s mixed with peppermint oil, and the wife and I love to apply it after a long hike out in nature or a full day of yard work, and of course it comes in handy after an afternoon of playing with the grandkids.

Finally, the best part is you can order online here and not have to go to one of those dispensaries in town and deal with all the rude know-it-all millennials who look at you like you’re something out of a black and white movie from yesteryear, or rub elbows with the shifty-looking customers who are just there to buy God knows what to smoke in their bongs.

So, is My Arthritis 100% Gone After CBD?

Not hardly. I am what I am and it is what it is. However, my life has improved drastically.

I don’t feel like inflammation and old rickety joints are holding me back the way they used to. I don’t feel sick from the side effects of all the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and meds. It doesn’t take me nearly as long to get going in the morning any more, and I find myself needing to take fewer breaks when I’m out working in the yard or walking around the mall.

parking at the lake
lakeside on a nearly cloud-free day

Getting in and out of the car has also become easier, and I just have more energy. I feel like it’s subtracted 5 or 10 years off of my real age. That’s right, I can say with sincerity I feel like I’m 57 again, haha.

The best part is just feeling like I’m in control of my health a little more, and knowing that I’m not beholden to the doctor and the insurance company as well as the latest and greatest pills to be rush-approved by the FDA, all of which have tons of adverse side effects. Did you know that by simply taking pills for a long period of time, you are turning your body’s pH acidic, which happens normally as you age anyway, but it’s not desirable and can lead to acidosis?

Finally, don’t just take my word for it. Head on over to American Hemp Oil and read all the other reviews for yourself to see how much people love it and all the many health issues they use it for.

I guarantee you will be tempted to give it a shot just like I did after you see so many people oohing and aahing over this great little product with all the 5-star reviews.

In any case, good luck to you and yours- no one should have to live with pain or discomfort, especially during the later years and retirement.

usa cbd review

Drop me and Linda a line on here sometime so we can read your comments and let us know how it all worked out for you.

Until next time…

Happy trails,

Tom and Linda Clark

Watch Video: CBD Stopped 100% of Seizures in 3 out of 7 Kids with Severe Epilepsy in University Study

How We Got Rid of Bed Bugs with an Unknown Natural Solution

picture of bed bugs on human skin

Anyone can get bed bugs. We came home with them after a weekend getaway staying in a hotel near the coast.

We were lucky though, we figured out how to get rid of them. And that’s the info we’re sharing today.

How You Get Bed Bugs

bed bugs on furnitureIn what turns out to be quite common, we found bed bugs in our luggage after we took a leisurely trip in southern Florida last year.

We almost didn’t notice the little round, brown bugs with no wings until Linda came down with a skin rash and a bunch of red splotches.

The pattern of the rash indicated bed bug bites, and sure enough we found them in our bed and a few in the suitcase.

Signs of a Bedbugs Infestation

bed bug eggsMany people will notice itchy bites, but may discover red and black stains on their mattress or box spring, the molten shells of bed bugs that have already enjoyed a few blood meals off their human hosts, shedding an outer layer of their exoskeleton to reach maximum size.

They like to hide in the bed and bed frame for the most part, and are known to be nocturnal, preferring the nightlife.

Sometimes, they give off a smell unique to their scent glands, which resembles almonds a little bit.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

natural bed bug killer powderFirst, you need to isolate the infestation. This means breaking down the bed frame to component parts for inspection, looking at the seams along the mattress and the edges which might bedbugs lurking about.

Sometimes they may take up residence in nearby furniture or even the cracks and creases in the wall or floor.

Next, wash and dry all your clothes on high heat. Make sure to check your floors, carpets and drapes or curtains too.

Once you’ve vacuumed everything well and performed a search, this is where it’s going to pay off big putting down an active natural bed bug killer to both remove bed bugs now and/or prevent future outbreaks of the nasty cimex lectularis parasites.

Defensive End! offers a US-made bed bug solution approved by the EPA as a part of an effective integrated pest management plan.

The best part is it stays good forever as long as kept dry!

How One of the Best Bed Bug Killers Remains Hidden from the Public

While the CDC has stated that bed bugs pose no serious mortal threat to people who are bitten, the real annoyance and anxiety they cause at night when you’re trying to sleep is enough to keep anyone up worrying, itching into the wee hours of the morning.

Governments are simply not doing enough to keep up with bed bugs, as they prefer a moderate temp between 70 and 80 degrees to live in and can reproduce up to 3x in 1 year, leaving 100s of bed bug eggs behind each time.

Your best bet is to always check your hotel room for bed bugs before settling in, and do what you can at home to prevent bed bug treatment from even being necessary.

Other Bed Bug News

Read about how we got bed bugs on vacation.

Bed Bug Vacation Surprise

bed bugsLinda and I decided to take a weekend trip across the state to St. Petersburg to visit relatives on her side of the family, and I was looking forward to hitting a few balls at the golf course and downing some cold ones.

We decided to use Hotels.com and book a room at a mid-range hotel to stay within our monthly retirement budget, and also wanted to redeem one of our free travel nights before the site instates its $5/free night redemption policy which is set to take place soon.

We arrived around dusk Friday evening and settled in and everything seemed to be ok. We threw our luggage down on one of the 2 twin beds in our room (they were all out of queen and king sized beds) and started looking up a good local Mexican restaurant to get some enchiladas on Google. We found something that didn’t have terrible reviews and decided to go out and give it a try.

Dinner was great and after a few margaritas and some greasy eats we caught an Uber back to the room and I cracked the cooler open and handed the wife a Budweiser and grabbed one myself. We sat down on the sofa in the room and turned on the news. That’s when it happened.

bed bug bites photoI started to itch and thought nothing of it, really. Florida’s state bird is the mosquito and I barely notice getting bit any more. But then Linda started to itch too and we pulled up her shirt to see where she had got bit by something and it looked kind of strange- definitely not mosquito bites.

Then we saw something small and brown crawling around the arm rest. We got up and looked closer in the cracks in the couch and we found- yep, you guessed it- BED BUGS!

Bed Bugs in the Sofa?!


Ok so it wasn’t that bad but finding any bed bugs in the sofa looks a little like that, though that’s an extreme case. The point is they are hard to find unless you are prying open the couch cushions and the sofa frame.

Fortunately we didn’t get bit too bad so the weekend wasn’t a total loss. We asked to be moved to a new room and carried on with the plans to play some golf and for Linda to see her family. Needless to say though, we were still creeped out by the experience and didn’t have the easiest time falling asleep either after that.

Bed Bugs Hitch Hiked Home Too?

Another thing we didn’t expect was that we would bring some of the little nasty bloodsuckers home with us. Apparently some of them are so small when they are babies that they are practically see-through. So we ended up taking home some unexpected souvenirs.

A few weeks later we were having a similar issue with itching and getting bit at night in our bedroom. I thought it might be the darned bedbugs again so I started looking around the room and on a hunch pulled back the mattress and inspected the box spring. I found some brown, black and red splotches and a few insect shells in the bed and started searching the internet again.

I found a website which had some good info and solutions that explains why bed bugs are so bad this year.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

I guess I wasn’t really surprised that I got bed bugs, I’ve heard they are becoming more and more prevalent. What did kind of shock me was that they are found in some of the most random places.

For instance, the Arizona Department of Economic Security is infested with them right now and it’s so bad that people who work there are anonymously tipping off the local press in Phoenix reporting that they are not only at nightmarish levels, but nothing’s being done about them.

Bye Bye Bedbugs

Eventually we got the situation under control ourselves, but it was not without a lot of unnecessary stress and having to spend time looking up remedies. We avoided an exterminator because Linda and I both hate chemical pesticides.

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with them, but if you do, just know there’s a way to deal with them that isn’t too expensive and doesn’t involve dangerous pesticides.

American Hemp Oil CBD Product Review

American Hemp Oil CBD Products Online

You already know the benefits of CBD– pain relief, reduction of inflammation throughout the body, enhancement of mood and cognition, improvement of healthy sleep and appetite, and so much more. So now, you’re interested in finding a great product to start off on your own journey with cannabidiol.

Because the laws in the USA (and many around the world) are clear on the matter of what constitutes legal CBD for all 50 states, it’s great to know that American Hemp Oil meets all the requirements of legal CBD available, mainly a THC content of less than 0.3%, for purchase online. Actually, American Hemp Oil has 0% THC, so there’s no risk of inebriation or legal troubles at all.

Why American Hemp Oil Great is #1 for CBD

Aside from ticking all the boxes on the checklist of legal CBD, American Hemp Oil is great because it is 100% safe and natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, FREE shipping, and comes with documentation from a 3rd party lab testing company assuring its potency and quality.

safe all natural non GMO hemp CBD oilAnother great thing? It’s non-GMO. All their CBD products originate from Colorado and are grown and processed without any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

The CBD is produced by FDA approved CO2 extraction. The refined CBD oil is then run through flash chromatography to separate the THC out of the finished product.

What are the Ingredients in American Hemp Oil CBD Products?

The ingredients in American Hemp Oil are pure CBD hemp oil, a formulated blend of hemp-specific terpenes, and MCT oil (coconut oil). Terpenes are aromatic organic hydrocarbon compounds found in many plants which enhance the function of CBD even more.

100% Legal CBD Oil with Free Shipping in the US

American Hemp Oil offers a simple yet complete line of products: CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD cream, and CBD for pets.

Coconut oil is added to help keep the CBD oil fluid and maintain consistency, and also results in great taste as well as a host of other meaningful health benefits. Coconut oil has also been called a “miracle” ingredient.

So why not just buy hemp oil at Whole Foods or the health store? Because many hemp oils like this come from hemp seed, which is incredibly low in valuable and significant CBD content.


cbd oil with worldwide shipping and free shipping in the USAWhere Does American Hemp Oil Ship CBD Products To?

American Hemp Oil CBD ships to all 50 states in the USA, but did you know that it also ships to Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and even China? Shipping to the US is free, and international shipping is only $10.00.


American Hemp Oil is Made in the USA

national hemp association

American Hemp Oil is made in the USA and is a member of the National Hemp Association.

You can feel good knowing that you are spending money at home and supporting future developments and improvements in this already rapidly evolving industry which stands to revolutionize safe access to alternative, effective treatments outside of the traditional medical/insurance/pharmaceutical business.

Additionally, American Hemp Oil operates an updated blog informing and educating the public on all the many benefits of CBD oil and developments within the budding hemp industry.

Watch Video: CBD Has Amazing Benefits for Children with Seizures

Gold is at an All-Time Record High in Many World Currencies

Think Gold has just gone up 15% in US dollars and reached 6-year highs of late?

Think again.

In many countries gold is at an all-time record high right now.

Australia and Canada are just two countries that mine a lot of gold, and in those currencies gold is not just at a six-year high- gold is at an all-time record high. It’s really only a question of time now and I don’t think it’s gonna be that much time before gold starts making an all-time record high in terms of US dollars as well because we are now in a period of currency weakness.

All currencies are losing value when priced in gold now relative to one another. Right now all currencies are sinking in value -they just sink at different levels and recently the dollar has been sinking more slowly than a lot of other currencies, but it’s about to pick up the pace.

Gold Could See All-Time Highs Soon in the US Dollar

gold IRA rolloverUnderstanding the dollar is going to be dropping faster as the economic reality sets in, many people are rolling over their IRA to a gold IRA now in order to prepare while they still can.

Even though Trump accused China of devaluing their currency, China allowed the market to function correctly. The real problem is not that the Chinese currency is dropping- the problem is gonna be that the Chinese currency is eventually going to be rising and it’s gonna rise a lot.

A lot of people are betting wrong- they think that the trade war is going to exact a big toll on the Chinese economy and everybody thinks America will win a trade war. They think all these tariffs are bad for the Chinese economy and so it makes sense that people who think that believe the tariffs are gonna hurt China, and selling the yuan along with the market.

Is China Really Manipulating Their Currency?

In reality the Chinese did not intervene and they did not manipulate the yuan higher than the market wanted to set it. For years they were manipulating their currency, keeping it artificially low but they’re not really doing that anymore which means that the currency is going to appreciate when market forces start to move it in that direction.

But the reason the Chinese built up these massive forex reserves was because for years they did deliberately undervalue their currency and that was probably a mistake, but lower valued currencies make for increased exports to other countries as the exchange rate favors the importing countries of Chinese goods.

Where Will the World and US Economy Go Next?

I think the recession is coming despite the recent Federal Reserve interest rate cuts which is why we’re going to go all the way back down to zero. In fact, as a result of yesterday’s decline when the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down about eight hundred points, the probability of a 50 basis point rate hike in September shot up to about 60% and now Goldman Sachs was out today they’re now looking for 75 basis points of cuts between now and the end of the year.

Goldman Sachs finally came out and says there’s not going to be a trade deal this year or before the 2020 US Presidential election. With Donald Trump putting constant pressure on the Fed to cut rates even more, it would appear he wants to keep markets inflated until after he starts his 2nd term, because he likely knows what will happen if the central bank doesn’t provide more easy money to Wall St and to the government to service the 22 Trillion national debt.

Avoiding Bed Bugs at All Costs – Some Helpful Tips

bed bug bites look likeAccording to the (CDC) Bedbugs are small parasites who feed on peoples and animals’ blood as they sleep which can spread certain diseases. They have infested our homes and become quite complicated to deal with.

The pest control experts say that this is because they are too tiny and can be located in any and all places, though they are hard to spot.

However, they have made it clear that the presence of bedbugs does not necessarily imply that you are not clean. However being tidy and organized will help you prevent bed bugs or fight them

Bed Bug Prevention Regimen

In one instance, Straten Schemel confirmed that bed bugs were not the main cause of the breakup between himself and his ex-girlfriend but played a huge role in their breakup. He added that most of the time during evacuation so that their apartment could be treated, fights between them erupted.

When the two moved to San Francisco Launch apartments, they were initially free of bedbugs. Days later, bedbugs had invaded their premises and they were forced to store their luggage such as clothing and bedding in the car. They took all the usual precautions including washing their beddings with extreme heat treatment.

They packed their luggage to the store room when the management came to treat the bugs and this became a habit. As he describes, it became living out of the boxes. He moved from the apartment after the lease had expired, but he admitted that he gets phantom sensation of bedbugs crawling across the skin. The apartment was later treated for bedbugs.

The management contacted pest control and they adhered to the standards, treating the unit three times. No bedbugs were found and the issue was isolated to the one apartment. There was an apparent re-infestation of the same resident’s apartment in March 2016, which was treated following the same protocol. From that day, there issue of bedbugs has never been encountered again.

That instance clearly explains that the prevalence of bed bugs at homes and apartments has become a bigger issue. Therefore it is important to know how to avoid and how to deal with bedbugs.

How to deal with (and stop) bed bugs

Clear bedbugs hiding places – Since bedbugs are mostly found in hiding places, it is important to regularly wash and heat your beddings and any clothing that touches the floor.

Know how bedbugs look like – look for the signs of bedbugs such as reddish spots on mattress, tiny eggs and eggshells, and dark sport that look like pen ink

When dealing with bedbugs, be calm and gentle. In the presence of bedbugs, do not panic, be relaxed and take the necessary measures.

Unpack immediately – since bedbugs prefer hiding places, it is important to unpack your luggage and heat in the dryer for about 30 minutes.

Do a thorough inspection on your hotel room and apartment. Before you settle for a hotel it is important to look for bedbugs on coaches and armchairs.

Ensure that your suitcase is off the floor since bedbugs will cling on it and will find breeding places inside your suitcase.

Bed Bug Extermination is Costly

Sometimes it’s best just to use an all-natural safe solution like they provide at defensive-end.com rather than spend 100’s or even thousands with a bed bug exterminator, or waiting for your landlord to do something about the problem. Many landlords don’t have the budget to treat an entire apartment unit.


Due to the prevalence of bedbugs in homes and workplaces, it is important to know the measures to take to prevent them and how to stop bedbugs in case you see them.

The Endless List of Benefits of Safe and Affordable CBD Oil

cbd for natural alternative treatmentsCBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is the component of the cannabis plant which has a long list of highly sought out health benefits without any of the “high” that comes from the other part of cannabis, THC.

It is fast becoming one of the largest alternative remedies for a list of illnesses and ailments, even now being approved by the FDA for use in drugs. One of the biggest reasons why CBD is gaining traction is that in many states it has offset the excessive growth in the use of dangerous prescription opiates, which has reached epidemic levels in just the last 10 years in the US.

Indeed, with the rise of the legal cannabis industry in now over half of all US states for medicinal or recreational use, the “anxiety economy” where people are trying to make themselves feel better and deal more effectively with stress, and the already $50 billion dollar herbal supplement market, CBD oil is just getting started helping and changing lives all over America, and maybe soon, even the world.

Benefits of CBD Oil

*reduces inflammation (inflammation is one of the largest causes of chronic illness)
*pain management
*reduces anxiety and depression, improves mood and helps increase focus
*fights chronic disease, even causing apoptosis in cancer cells (death of cancerous cells)
*more rapid healing
*increased bone mass and density
cbd for rheumatoid arthritis*may lower diabetes risk
*prevents arthritis
*balances the metabolism
*helps with sleep disorders
*helps patients with multiple sclerosis
*may lower blood pressure
*can kill harmful bacteria
cbd for epilepsy and seizures*has neuro-protective properties
*can stop and/or reduce seizures
*increases energy and stamina
*fights high blood pressure
*helps with nausea and vomiting
*can help people quit smoking cigarettes and curb alcoholism
*anti-psychotic effects
*fights acne
*good for pets, especially cats and dogs who have seizures, anxiety, and chronic pain

One of the greatest benefits of CBD oil is that it has opened up a new world for many people otherwise taking drugs like Ambien for sleep, Xanax for anxiety, Vicodin for pain, Wellbutrin for depression or quitting smoking, steroids for arthritis, and so many more. cbd oil is a cheap and affordable treatment for many ailments

When you also consider that a month’s supply of CBD oil could be under $100, it’s also remarkable to realize the savings people are achieving by using a safer, more natural treatment in their lives.

As someone who has been personally prescribed a lot of those medications throughout life, I can honestly say that cannabis has been a superior and a much safer option for me personally.

The best part? I can go days, weeks, and months on end without using CBD, and I feel absolutely no addiction. Compare that to how it feels to stop taking Xanax or Percocet.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD has few, if any side effects for most people, but here are the most common:

*changes in appetite

These side effects are extremely rare, and I have never experienced these other than light fatigue/relaxation.

Where Do You Start with CBD?

One of the best ways to try CBD and to see if it’s for you is to simply get a dropper bottle of CBD oil and begin with a few drops in the morning. Many people notice effects after 2 – 3 days, if not immediately.

risk-free american hemp oil provides major cbd benefitsSince there are so few side effects, there’s really nothing major to worry about, but you’ll be able to safely monitor how your body responds.

Our favorite brand is American Hemp Oil, which has a great core selection of products without making the buying process overly complicated like some sites.

19 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil For Pain, Anxiety & Cancer Plus Side Effects

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